Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from the Philippine  Academy of Esthetic Dentistry!

It is with great joy that I welcome you all to another 2 years of excellent dentistry.

The Academy now on its 23rd year of existence and aims to provide its members modern techniques in the field of Esthetic Dentisrty.

This year’s theme  “A Step Beyond… focuses on Professionalism, Advancement, Excellence and Distinction which aims to promote  the immeasurable capabilities of the dental profession in the field of Esthetics.

Guided by the theme, “A Step Beyond”, I am delighted to introduce activities that are beyond the ordinary. As expected, we all are to challenge ourselves and so we, as an Academy aim to do things that are beyond our usual activities. To name a few, since our PAED Esthetic 101 remains to be the leading course offered in our country, we will constantly revise and upgrade our offerings in incorporating the latest in the field of Esthetic Dentistry.  Our Abridged courses are also avenues where our colleagues get to be updated, bringing knowledge and technology to where they are, in the provinces. Our lecturers are always incorporating the latest in the field by attending or enrolling courses out of the country thereby, making our courses enriched from the gains that they have made.

We continue to collaborate with dental institutions of higher learning, so as to provide the facilities needed by the academy in conducting our 101 courses.

Collaboration indeed will also be the cornerstone of my administration.

Our Lakbay Aral will continue to be A Step Beyond as we will embark on a trip to Europe to participate in International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED).

This will provide our members the experience and opportunity to interact with the world esthetic organizations beyond Asia.

Lastly, we will continue to enhance member participation by offering a platform where cases can be presented by means of Poster or Case Presentation. This aims to identify potential members who excel in their case. We will continue to reach out to these members to do something that will enhance their practice.

Lets all work and collaborate and do things…A Step Beyond!


Dr. Geraldin Q. Abesamis-Cruz
President 2019-2021
Philippine Academy of Esthetic Dentisrty