PAED embarked on a long-term oral health program with a non-government organization, Rotary Club of San Pablo, Laguna. Beneficiaries were the elementary students of the Molfrid Mission Philippines.

The initiative, focusing on one establishment, was thought to be a more effective strategy than just paying a one-off visit to several educational facilities.

During the PAED visit to San Pablo, the members conducted an assessment and mouth examination/charting; oral hygiene orientation with proper tooth brushing and hand washing demonstration before the children and their parents and distribution of oral and personal hygiene kits. Then, they conducted fluoride application, sealant application and feeding and gift giving.

To be effective, a series of treatments and follow-ups were done afterwards.

PAED participated in another long-term program, also hosted by the Rotary Club of San Pablo. The goal was to conduct a project of sealant placement to save the 6’s of youngsters belonging to all the public elementary schools in the city.

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