Vice President

Dr. Lu graduated from Centro Escolar University (CEU) with a degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine in 2009. In 2010, he took the Post Graduate Program in Orthodontics at the same university.

After a year into the program, the dean offered him to join the School of Dentistry faculty, which he accepted. He has taught subjects such as Oral Microscopic Anatomy, Dental Pharmacology, Basic Orthodontics 1 and 2. That same year he took the Post Graduate Course in Esthetic Dentistry at the Philippine Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (PAED). In 2012, he was inducted as a member of PAED. He then took his interest on Esthetics further by taking the Esthetic Continuum offered by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) which he completed in 2013. In 2016, he was offered a teaching position in the Graduate School Program in Orthodontics at CEU, School of Dentistry, where he taught until 2018.

He has presented his cases in Orthodontics in the World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO, 2015), the Asian Academy for the Temporomandibular Joint (Asian TMJ, 2015). When he presented his case at the Association of Philippine Orthodontists (APO, 2016), he won FIRST PLACE in the clinical category. He has also presented his case at the AAAD (Asian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, 2016) in Thailand.

In research, he presented his findings on Orthodontic tooth movement at the Asia Pacific Orthodontic Conference (APOC, 2016) in Bali, Indonesia which he won SECOND PLACE in the Research Conference. He has published an article in the Philippine Journal of Orthodontics (PJO) with the encouragement of Dr. Martin Reyes.

He has been invited by Dr. Mia de Jesus as a guest for ANG GALING MO DOC, TV-Radio show twice in 2015. And was a KEYNOTE SPEAKER for the historic Malaysian International Dental Exhibit and Congress (MIDEC, 2018).

He has recently passed Phase 1 (2018) and Phase 2 (2019) of the Philippine Board of Orthodontics (PBO) He is currently the Vice President of PAED and is a speaker for its 101 programs. He is currently a visiting consultant for Orthodontics and Esthetic Dentistry at the Perfect Teeth Dental Center and Healthy Smile Dental Center.